Group gundog training is a great opportunity to socialise your dog in a controlled setting. This is an important aspect of training gundogs to work together when out on shoots, providing your dog with realistic hunt situations amongst distractions. It is also a great place to meet other gundog owners, learning new skills from one another and enjoying your dog as you train.

    My training grounds near Preston, Lancashire have varying terrain, allowing me to cover many aspects of gundog training, including hunting, retrieval work, steadiness and deliverance. I am also happy to travel to train a group that a client has put together themselves. My group gundog training is challenging, interactive and achieves great results.

    I love my dogs and they love to work for me, a relationship that has been developed through positive and consistent training methods. Whilst there are many common problems that occur when training a working dog, like free hunting, chasing game and hard mouthing, by teaching positive reinforcement techniques I am able to assist with rectifying these problems, while still ensuring a well rounded dog that maintains character and drive.

    I offer mixed working breed training, together with dedicated group gundog training for Spaniels, Retrievers and HPR’s. Group gundog lessons are run on a regular basis, geared towards handlers who want a solid and reliable hunting partner, with places limited to enable everyone to have sufficient time and tuition to work their gundog. More advanced work is covered on request to meet individual needs.

    Further training opportunities are available through membership of the Tessleymoor Gundog Club, which also offers many other benefits for gundog owners.

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  • I am really looking forward to the next shooting season with my confident and enthusiastic companion that I cannot wait to work with.

    Rob with Callie the Springer Spaniel