Tessleymoor Gundogs

Passionate About Training Gundogs

I am Damian Barson and I am dedicated to the highest standards of gundog training, with services including one-to-one, group, puppy and residential stays. I have over 25 years experience in training working dogs, both through my company gundog-training4u and here at Tessleymoor Gundogs offering a range of specialist gundog services.

My dog training technique has been influenced by my knowledge of dog behaviour and psychology, with my training philosophy based on my understanding of how dogs work from a canine rather than a human perspective. I have my own pack of working dogs including Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Labradors and Flatcoat Retrievers, all of which work with me out in the fields and are great shooting companions. Whether you are training a gundog with the intention of working it in the field or simply to meet its breed standards, my experience as a dog behaviourist and gundog trainer means that I am able to offer a unique and personalised plan for your dog. I can ensure that with the correct guidance and working in partnership with you as the owner, your gundog is able to reach its full potential.

Tessleymoor Gundogs has kennels located in rural Lancashire with access to extensive training grounds. I am able to offer a variety of training scenarios for all breeds of working gundogs including group training in our Gundog Club and simulated shoot training. Tessleymoor Gundogs is fully assured and accredited and works together with other professional organisations to offer additional services.

Gundog training is a positive, focused, rewarding activity with owner and dog. Whether you are looking to train your dog for field trials, country fair scurries, as a shooting companion for the field or simply to work to its breed standards, I can work with you to bring out the very best in your gundog.